Meet The Team- Khattoi Fall 2021 Collection

Our head designer Rhea Khattoi worked to develop a unique blend of South Asian and Western fashion trends to create versatile items. As a fashion enthusiast herself she set out to create a collection that was a tribute to both her cultures, blending them in a subtle & elegant manner. She kept sustainability at the core of the design basis, focusing on how to increase the use of each item, rather than having it sit in someone's closet. 
Prerna was drawn to this collection through her passion for Indian handcraft and the contemporization of Indian handloom. With a degree in Fashion Design from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, along with specialized courses in sustainable design, she leads our Indian design team. Her desire to spread Indian craftmanship, while staying true to its roots is reflected in each garment. She loves the collection because it provides an avenue to spread Indian craft throughout the world through the unique blend of Indian and Western fashion trends. 
Our tailor Raghavan has been working as a tailor since he was 10 years old and has built 20 years of experience. Originally from Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, he came to Chennai to work on his craft. He worked in Singapore for 6 years where he had his own storefront, before returning to Chennai to further his craft on his own. 
Thyagarjan, a Chennai native, started working at the young age of 15 and worked up the ladder to become a pattern master. His experience spans over 25 years in the industry and has worked with several designers bringing their vision to life.