Our Founders


Rhea Khattoi


From a young age Rhea was always interested in fashion. She was the kid who used to say she wanted to be a fashion designer when she grew up. Flash forward into adulthood she was successfully working in the fashion industry when she started to notice discrepancies in the South Asian market. She noticed there was a huge variation in the quality of garments, unattainable price points, lack of sustainability, trend, general lack of design choice, and observed how difficult the consumer purchasing journey was. She soon found that she wasn’t the only one with these thoughts and though Khattoi was born. 


Julie Patel


From early on in her childhood, Julie had an interest in fashion and enjoyed altering her clothing to make it unique. Julie’s mom noticed her eye for creativity and gifted her a sewing machine that Julie taught herself how to sew on. Her work started off with patterns and draping and soon Julie learned how to pattern her own designs. After a few years of making things for herself, others took notice and began asking Julie to make things for them as well, and thus Julkee Fashion was born. With focus on upcycling to reduce overall fabric wastage, Julkee fashion continued to flourish and touch customers hearts. Fast forward to 2022, Rhea & Julie found a commonality in their passion for fashion and upcycling and decided to join forces to be stronger together.