Rental FAQs

How are garments cleaned, especially to prevent the spread of viruses such as COVID-19?
    • Each garment is dry cleaned as soon as it gets back to Khattoi to ensure it is clean and available for the next customer. To ensure that you know each garment is dry cleaned and are comfortable wearing it, there will be a tag with a dry cleaning confirmation on each piece. 

How do I know that something I am buying isn’t a rented product? 
    • As soon as one of our products is rented within a size range, it is automatically taken out of the purchasing catalog. 
What if I want to purchase a product that I rented? 
    • If you want to purchase an item that you have rented, just fill out our contact form to let us know! Since the hold of your product was already there, there will be no additional charges. 

What is “good condition” for rental? 
    • Good condition means a garment free of rips, tears, or colored stains. 

What happens if the rented garment is damaged? 
    • You can either purchase the item or pay for the garment to be fixed. If you have any questions, please reach out to us through the contact form. 

How do I know what size to rent? 
    • You can check out our size guide to figure out what size you are. For an additional $35, you can receive two sizes, if they are available, but you must send back the size that doesn’t fit you within 48 hours or you will be fined. As soon as the second size is returned, the hold will be taken off of your form of payment, excluding the $35. 

Can you only rent event wear? 
    • As of now yes! Our team is currently working on a rental system for indo-western apparel as well. Head to our rental catalog to see what is available! 

What happens to Rental Clothing after they are out of season/no longer trendy? 
    • Once the items are no longer trend relevant, they are either sold through our seasonally rental sale, or upcycled into a new outfit. 

When will my card be charged? 
    • 2-3 days before your Rental Delivery Date  
Am I able to wash/dry my items? 
    • You can feel free to dry clean them if desired for extra precaution. We recommend either professionally getting it done, or using at home Dryel kits. 
Am I able to tailor any of the products? 
    • We need each outfit to return to us in the original size
Can I purchase an item after I have returned it? 
    • Yes! We will have a seasonal rental sale with discounted prices, or feel free to contact us to let us know your desire to purchase. 
Do you offer price adjustment or matching? 
    • Depending on the product we may offer price matching. 
Where can I find information about my upcoming rental? 
    • For information about your specific rental look an email from our team 2-7 business days after your rental booking. 
    • For general information about how rental works check out our ‘How it Works” rental page 
What should I do if something in my order is missing or not what I expected?
    • Contact us right away! A customer service rep will call or email you immediately to help solve your issue. 
Why do some items show a varying rental price? 
    • Each outfit is different depending on the garment itself. The overall rental price range is $85-$150 depending on the date range desired.