Each collaborator was chosen for their unique style and values that aligned with us as a brand. Read below to learn more about each of our design partners. 

Sckachi: Sachin is fearless when it comes to his style. He puts himself out there and chases his dreams. He’s a trendsetter, and doesn’t care about toxic masculinity. He is very inclusive when it comes to content creation and presenting himself.


Neha Dharmapuram: Neha is always on trend. She represents our target market who are pushing themselves to achieve their dreams, and she is a  risk taker when it comes to fashion and is not afraid to be herself.

Himani Jadeja: Himani is trend and sustainability focused. She’s innovative and versatile with her styling options which is an extension of sustainability. She’s proud and confident of her culture, she inspires and encourages others to embrace the culture. She is an advocate for body positivity.