The Mind Behind Khattoi

The Mind Behind Khattoi

Meet Rhea Khattoi, the mind, and chief executive officer of our brand Khattoi. Rhea was born in Edina, Minnesota and at the age of twenty-four years old, she is successfully living her dreams of establishing and executing her sustainable festival wear clothing brand.  After receiving her degree in design and merchandising from Drexel University in Philadelphia, she excelled in her professional career as a brand development specialist at JD Sports and developed a marketing agency. Even in her earliest years of life, Rhea had a strong passion for fashion and consistently looked for the best pieces at the best price point, which is reflected in her brand Khattoi. The fashion inspiration behind the brand of Khattoi stems from specific designs that are innate to Rhea’s personality, where she has always had a creative eye for chic South Asian and Western fashion trends. Growing up in the United States, Rhea became aware of the substantial gap in the market for our generation to feel connected to culture and came to the realization that people are yearning for further education on different cultures.

Through Khattoi, Rhea aims to bring culture to the masses in a way where people of all cultures and ethnicities can feel comfortable and confident in their learning experience.  As an entrepreneur and the chief executive officer of the brand, Rhea’s main goal is to inspire people and make sure that they know that anything that they dream of is within their reach.  Rhea prioritizes the building of the Khattoi team, where she weighs out the needs of the business and hires team members based on those needs. As a CEO, she constantly strives to see how we can change and adapt for each Khattoi team member and see each individual grow within their position. At Khattoi, each team member is prided on their differing perspectives and backgrounds and is given the opportunity to dive into different aspects of the company and expand their professional development. Khattoi stands for an aspirational viewpoint, whether that be aspirational style, aspirational sustainability, or aspirational price points. Rhea and the Khattoi team all obtain the common goal of successfully expanding the brand and becoming a household name in the South Asian population. 

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