The future of fashion is rooted in sustainability. We are comitted to staying transparent in our sustianability practices and goals.

  • 92 Million Tonnes of textiles waste is produced every year. This means that a garbage truck full of clothes is dumped into a landfill every second.


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  • It is estimated that there are 75 million factory workers around the world, out of which less than 2% of the people who make the clothes on our bodies earn a living wage.

    (Source:The True Cost)

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  • The fashion industry is the 2nd largest polluter in the world just after the oil industry.

    (Source: Sustain Your Style)

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Our Practices

Ethical Production

Ethical production sits at the base of our brand ethos. Our priority is ensuring that the people creating the garments are paid fair wages and have a safe working enviroment.

Fabric Waste Minimization

Our private-label collections utilize fabrics that are already in circulation, which reduces the amount of fabric produced each year. Khattoi products are made to order, limiting carbon emissions and maximizing fabric utilization per meter, while eliminating overproduction of products. Furthermore, all of our scrap materials are donated to Oh Scrap Madras, minimizing waste and promoting sustainability.

Sustainable Packaging

Our packaging uses recycled materials and we limit our shipments from India. The goal is to maintain a reudced carbon footprint model.

Research and Development

We are continously researching and developing sustainable products, materials and packages. For every collection we create, a thorough look into fabric production and processes is always taken. Our goal is to create collections that do not contribute further to environmental damage.