About Us

As many of us grow into our own identities we struggle to find the right balance between our South Asian roots and our American influenced upbringing. We start to see the two flow together and merge creating it’s own unique identity. Each culture influences the other culture within us and starts to create a new harmony. However as the cultures merge, there is a void within the fashion side waiting to allow us to further embrace the new culture and express our identities. And thus Khattoi was born.


Khattoi was created to elegantly merge the cultures and make customers feel comfortable and confident as they further explore and define their individual identities. We aim to fill the void within the industry by taking inspiration from our Indian heritage and highlight the all the unique cultures of India one by one, while also keeping sustainability and versatility in mind. By offering a mix of festival and contemporary everyday wear, Khattoi aims to provide you with the perfect dress for any Indian event as well as give you a subtle hint of Indian culture in every day casual wear.


Through the launch of seasonal collections along with an upcycling component centered around sustainability, we bring you the perfect assortment of clothing.