Our Story


Our company story starts back in 2008, when our founder   Rhea Khattoi moved from the U.S. to India for two years.   During this experience she noticed the multiple Indian   cultural discrepancies between what she was used to, and  what was actually happening in India. One of the main   things she noticed was the discrepancy in fashion.
Flash forward 14 years, Rhea Khattoi was successfully working in the fashion industry as she started to pick back up on certain discrepancies as an adult varying from the quality of South Asian garments, unattainable price points, trends, lack of sustainable practices,  general lack of assortment choice, and the difficulty in the consumer purchase journey.  She dove into research to see if she was the only one noticing these things, and found there were many others just like her and knew something needed to be done. Rhea wanted to infuse her culture into her everyday life, so she created a brand that represents trendy fashion and South Asian culture for everyone to be educated about.


Khattoi was created to bridge the gap between trends, sustainability, attainability and everyday South Asian apparel in the global market. Our goal is to revolutionize the South Asian consumer journey, while bringing the culture into pieces that can be worn for festival wear or into our everyday lives. As our company continued to grow we met similar minded souls on the same path and continue to expand our team to make all of our collective visions come true.