We partnered with Noissue packaging to use sustainable packaging to deliver our new Khattoi products safely to you. We partner with them for our mailers, stamps, tape and stickers.  Our mailers are made from recycled plastics, and are reusable with the second adhesive strip on the packet. If you save your mailer, you can use it again! 

Our stamps are made from soy based inks, and from 65% post-consumer plastics. 

Our packaging tape is made from recycled fabrics, soy based inks, and is water activated. 

Our stickers are made on acid free paper, recycled paper, and soy based inks. 

For our Upcycling products we reuse the same box that you send your previously worn outfits in to make sure we don’t waste any packaging products. We just add in a few more sustainable goodies to make your package new and special for you.