Collection Story

Our CEO & Founder Rhea Khattoi, has been drawn to Block Print techniques ever since our Fall 2021 Collection was created. She was instantly drawn to the prints, colors, and handcrafted concept of the prints. As she learned more, she fell in love with the historical significance, the artwork and the sustainability angle of the practice. With hard work and research, the Spring/ Summer 2022 collections is the cross section of our dedication to trends, sustainability, and mission to amplify South Asian Culture globally.

The collection is a carefully curated assortment of today's trends both in the Western and South Asian global market, infused with the classic Block art print technique. The fabrics are all hand block printed, sourced and from all over India, and color dyes are either vegetable based or 100% natural indigo.

Something that was very essential to us was to make this collection not only trendy but sustainable. Around 16,000,000 of fabric goes to waste per year, which is 6% of the overall waste that happens in a year. We wanted to make this collection “limited edition” to ensure the least amount of fabric wastage. Our team created a reorder system so the number of items getting remade is an exact one-to-one ratio, and the remaining scraps get sent to companies that specifically make products out of scraps, or they will get reused in other products.

To bring this to life we partnered with Sachin Kumar, Neha Dharampuram, and Himani Jaejdia to co-design certain aspects of the collection. Each partner embodies our Khattoi values in their everyday lives, and is a representation of our customer. They each brought their own fashion sense and personality to the table to create a holistic collection. Click here to learn more about our Collaborators.